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Benefiting the Limestone coast by turning plastic waste into valuable products

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Mount Gambier Recycling Center

About Us

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Willie van Niekerk (Owner)



I grew up close to a nature reserve and developed a deep love for nature from a young age.  I have always been curious about how things are made and pursued engineering as a career.  With the creation of Ecoplas Australia, I get to combine these two interests for the betterment of the environment in the region by creating a circular economy.


The Process:

We collect and process empty bottles ( HDPE), and plastic bags / film ( PE), into small flakes and granules.  These are then blended with a master-batch containing colour and UV-stabilisers, before extruding the final products.  The key products are durable poly fence droppers and park furniture.

More detail coming soon
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Our Products

At Ecoplas, we know what exceptional customer service means. We offer a variety of recycling products catered to the needs of individuals and businesses nationwide. Contact us today and help us achieve a cleaner, greener, environment.

Operational benefits 

  • Strong and durable  (solid profile) 

  • Life expectancy of 40+ years (uv-stabalised) 

  • Low maintenance – no painting required 

  • Not impacted by water or insects 

  • Available in black 

  • Non-conductive to electricity 

Environmental benefits: 

  • Made from recycled plastic 

  • No issue with disposal of old CCA treated timber 

  • Can be recycled again, and made into new products 

  • Certified for organic use (pending)

Fencing & Parking

  • Solid droppers / drilled 

  • Slotted droppers 

  • Posts and stakes 

  • Bollards and parking stops 


Park Furniture

  • Picnic tables 

  • Benches 

  • Colour options: black, green or blue


Sample only

More products coming soon



Wrapping films, grocery bags, and sandwich bags.



All plastic waste must be clean and dry



Milk and cream bottles, bottles for laundry detergent,shampoo, conditioner, and poly pipe.

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Benefiting the Limestone coast by turning plastic waste into valuable products

Fencing & Parking

More detail coming soon

Park Furniture

More detail coming soon

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5 Eucalypt Drive, Mount Gambier, South Australia

Tel: 044 799 1284

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